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Retirement Plan Services for Employer Plan Sponsors

Independent plan review and assessment.

As a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA), Larry Watts is qualified to review and evaluate your current 401(k) plan, or establish a suitable plan if you don't have one. Our independent review will cover your investment policy statement, procedures, investment menu and other characteristics of your plan. We will assist in selecting investment options, features, vendor partners and plan provisions, which fit your preferences and philosophy, and promote retirement savings and success among your employee participants.

Our Retirement Plan Services include:

  • Mitigating risk by serving as a named Plan Fiduciary.

  • Selecting appropriate vendor partners for record keeping, administration and plan document services.

  • Choosing appropriate investment options, which provide adequate diversification and simplicity for your participants.

  • Conducting educational enrollment meetings to help participants understand the investment options.

  • Providing investment advice to plan participants.​

Fists in Solidarity

Our Partners

Sowell Management serves as our RIA partner, providing regulatory compliance, technology solutions, integration and support, and other administrative services. Sowell was selected after diligent consideration.

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Charles Schwab & Company is the custodian of client assets. Schwab is the industry leader, supporting more independent advisors than any other custodian.

Custodian of Client Assets


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